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When is the right time to migrate? | Pais con Visa with Diego Sarmiento: Season 1, Episode 6 🌍

27 SEP 2023

There are typically two trends when it comes to the timing. The first is when we reach that point of "Enough is Enough!" - a point of extreme frustration or a situation so intolerable that you can't bear it anymore. 🛑 The other trend is being driven by a positive motivation: you've been working towards a goal and suddenly, a fantastic opportunity presents itself. This could be a job, a business deal, or a chance to study somewhere new. 🚀

However, whether you're driven by frustration or motivation, it's essential to step aside from emotions when making the decision. Migration is often clouded with feelings, and sometimes, these overpower rationality. It's crucial not to act out of spite, revenge, or to prove something to someone. Such motivations might come back to bite, preventing you from making the best decisions for yourself.

Migration isn't trivial. It's a profound decision that requires preparation, reflection, and a good understanding of what you're getting into. Ask yourself: Are you ready to leave behind family, friends, familiar places, and customs to step into the unknown? 🤔 Even migrating within the same country can present stark differences, from climate to dialects and social customs.

Starting afresh, especially in a new land, requires resilience. It's a mix of accepting what you have and being creative. Regardless of your financial situation, whether you have plenty or you're on a budget, it's essential to be adaptive, observant, and informed. Recognize the patterns and cycles in the new place, which will help clarify when it's the best time to make your move.

If after thorough introspection you decide migration isn't for you, that's perfectly fine! 🙌 Migration requires a certain adventurous spirit and risk-taking nature, which isn't for everyone. But if you decide to take the leap, kudos! 🎉 Just remember, things won't always be perfect. Delays happen, especially with legal matters. But what's important is to stay patient, adapt, and navigate through the less-than-ideal situations.

Remember, patience often leads us to a better version of ourselves. 🌟

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