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5 Key Lessons from a World Traveler | Pais con Visa with Diego Sarmiento: Season 1, Episode 2 🌍

20 AUG 2023

Hello everyone, my name is Diego Sarmiento. This is the episode number 2 of "Country with a Visa," where today we will discuss five key lessons as migrants.

Hello! If you have decided to migrate or have already migrated but need to adapt better, you are in the right place.

My name is Diego Sarmiento, and I have migrated five times. I grew up in Venezuela, have lived in Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, and now I reside in the United States.

Lesson number one: Understand that there is no perfect place. Every place has its pros and cons, and you must understand what genuinely works for you. Visiting a place is different from living there. Living there involves a different dynamic, sometimes sacrifices, and accepting both good and bad aspects of that place.

Lesson number two: Don't play the hero. The decision to migrate should be well-considered, either with a partner, family, or a reference person who can give an objective point of view. Adaptation rates differ, but being proactive, integrating, and looking for opportunities is crucial.

Lesson number three: Keep your expectations low. Migration is about survival. It requires financial, emotional, and decision-making sobriety. Moving with luxuries or international furniture, for example, may not be wise.

Lesson number four: Understanding where you are with your children and family is essential. Children are usually more adaptable than adults. Even if you're without children, mutual support, community engagement, and avoiding isolation are vital.

Lesson number five: Re-invent yourself. What you did before might not work in the new place. You need to be open to learning, experimenting, and understanding the conditions for working or starting a business. Understand your life stage and what you can offer. With the change in work dynamics, remote work is becoming more accepted. It's important to adapt and understand the new context.

In conclusion, migration is a complex and multidimensional experience requiring careful planning, adaptability, open-mindedness, and a strong sense of reality. Lessons learned from personal migration experiences can offer valuable guidance for those considering this significant step in their lives. Being prepared for the challenges, recognizing opportunities, and maintaining a sober and realistic attitude can make the difference in a successful transition.

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